We have some of the biggest most powerful vehicles on today’s roads and it’s our responsibility to ensure they are maintained to the highest of standards. The bus industry is one of the fastest motor vehicle industries to embrace clean running and environmentally friendly vehicles to operate in Clean Air Zones.

Our people drive our business and as such are invaluable. Our pay is highly competitive but more so the culture and prowess of working for the company who are widely regarded as the best in its industry, is what sets us apart. 

A first-year apprentice is likely to be earning around £170 a week with incremental year on year pay rises so that you can expect to be earning around £300 a week in your final year. 

what makes an apprenticeship with trentbarton rewarding?

Our customers make over 40 million trips each year on our buses. Keeping our vehicles on the road in all weathers, so that our drivers can do their job, instils pride. To see a trentbarton bus on the road alongside our competitors looking, cleaner, smarter and more modern is a good feeling.

what experiences will you get?
Apprentices will get a whole range of experience in different skills, starting with how to use tools then every trade we have covering the maintenance of a vehicle irrespective of what you have been set on to do. You will be an apprentice for 4 years, 3 years of which will be block release residential training.

You will at some time during your apprenticeship work at all the key maintenance facilities and even with some of our suppliers.

learning and development
Apprentices will achieve NVQ level 2 & 3 in a Motor Vehicle discipline, they will also receive a Motor Vehicle Apprenticeship Certificate. After this they can progress on to a HNC or HND. Apprentices will also attend a dedicated motor vehicle training college in Coventry. The skills and knowledge that you are taught will be developed further at our maintenance facilities. 

There is every opportunity for apprentice’s personal development, with specialist manufactures or product training being arranged. We are constantly monitoring our apprenticeships and will offer courses to fill training needs, which includes both internal and external training providers, local colleges or residential training. We promote job sharing, which allows our teams to work with our suppliers so that they can get a better understanding on how components are built and function. 

Our managing director, director of engineering and all engineering managers started as apprentices, proving even the top job in the company is achievable.

what will their future at trentbarton look like?
There will always be the need for some form of engineers and trentbarton are one of the pioneers in using new technology and vehicles. The engineering environment will evolve and in so, so will the engineers, bringing further training, skills and job opportunities.


Each year, we take on a bunch of new recruits to join our dedicated and talented team of engineers.

trentbarton and Kinchbus apprenticeship applications are now closed for 2019, all applications will now be considered for 2020

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